Shows aired but not listed on Schedule "view"

I’ve been airing a show weekly and only one of them has shown up on the list you see when you click on Schedule and then the show on the Calendar. They show up under “Home”. They show up on the list of aired shows. How can I get them onto the list under “Schedule” so folks can hear the archived show? Or should I send them somewhere else?

Hi Rick, thanks for joining the forum.

What’s you public DJ page? I can take a look starting with that.

Hi Tom - thanks for replying on a Sunday. I’m Rick Hendra, and I’m a DJ on WCUW. I have two shows on Saturday mornings - one for my new show, at 6:00 am - “Seeds and Stems” - and another for a repeat of last week’s show at 3:00 am, “Sees and Stems - Again!” It’s that second, repeat show that’s not listing the shows after I click on the Schedule calendar. The name on that second show has changed slightly (“and” to “&”, etc.) and that may be part of the problem. I see only one show listed, for Aug. 8. But I’ve been doing shows every week.

Is that the info you need? Rick

Is that the info you need?

Yes, thank you. That page lists the playlist that belong to you. We call it a DJ page. It has a URL with the form WCUW/dj/id/name.

A show page has the form WCUW/show/id/name and it lists the playlists associated the show.

Every playlist belongs to a DJ. Not all playlists are associated with a show but many are. The reason we bother with this complexity is because some stations prefer a programming-oriented organization, others demand the egocentric listings, and some use both.

Starting from your DJ page, for each of its playlists you can find its show page:

  • click the playlist link
  • on the playlist page, click the playlist title.

When I tried this I noticed something odd. Your Oct 24 6am Seeds and Stems playlist is associated with this Crosstracks (Mon) show. Huh? And the playlists listed on that show page with your name are all Seeds and Stems or Seeds and Stems - Again! playlists. Huh??

Do you have an idea what might be going on with that? If not I think we should take this up with someone with Admin permissions at WCUW to try and figure it out and decide what to do.

Hi Tom - Sorry for not replying sooner; this has probably gone cold on you by now. But I used to have a show called “CrossTracks” airing every other Monday. That’s gone, replaced by two shows on Saturday morning: “Seeds and Stems” and “Seeds and Stems - Again!” ( the latter is a repeat of last week’s SAS). My dj’s page has it all. The schedule pages are understandably more recent, but there’s almost nothing on them. One reason is that I rebroadcast all my “SAS - Again!” shows, and so I wind up with the automated playlist and my rebroadcast playlist. Sometimes I rebroadcast both shows, so then it happens twice. I delete the automated playlists because they don’t have my extensive song notes. And I keep hoping that my rebroadcast playlists will move over to the schedule page to take the place of the deleted automated ones, but that only happens fitfully. Anything I can do? Which page do listeners see (it’s hard for me not to login automatically)? I’m hoping they can find my annotated playlist and play that…

Thanks Tom -