Search appears to have broken down

Appears search broke down some time after midnight (Eastern) 8/3. Tried an artist with clearly large number of spins played early morning and nothing was returned.

I checked and found the following working ok for me

  • auto-complete search in spin entry form
  • station member’s search (in menu Report: Search & Chart)
  • the commercial Spinitron Search, via Spinitron Search subscription

So to debug what’s not working for you, can you give me a recipe for how to reproduce the error you’re experiencing?

Go to free search and input any popular artist. For example, Bruce Springsteen shows exactly one spin since 9:33 PM last night. And there are exactly ZERO Beyonce spins. (I just used them to test - I was not interested in finding them in particular But now you get the idea.)

Alternatively, pick any radio station playlist for 8/3 and input some of their artists into free search. My guess is that your hit rate will be under 10%.

Example of the second - I picked WKCR’s “Out to Lunch” program which began 8/3 noon Eastern. They played a number of tracks from the Ahmad Jamal album Ballades to start the show. Not one entry for that station appears under his name in free search.

I see. So you’re not getting results you expect, not that the search is broken down. I’ll investigate.

I found that the process for updating the search indexes with new spins had gotten stuck. So this is consistent with the searches running but not returning recent spins.

I think I got it unstuck yesterday evening and I’m now working on trying to make the updating more robust against this kind of failure.