Outage 3 PM Mon May 13 2024

Spinitron was down from 2:49 PM eastern time for about half an hour.

Our server hosting provider OVH reported a major outage at the datacenter where our servers are located (see below). One of our servers stopped responding. It was the host running the master database and web application. We failed over to the replica database server (kinda like a standby) and are using the backup application server.

At the moment the main Spinitron service is working but Search is not. I’m working on getting that back up.

We will have some more disruption when we reconfigure the server clusters after restoring the lost server. I’ll update this thread about that in the next few days.

I am currently in Budapest on vacation and I am flying home tomorrow. So if things go even more wrong while I’m over the Atlantic I may not be able to do much.

I am very sorry to inconvenience you with this. Stuff happens. And often at bad times like this.