Preserving Song Notes

Is there a way to have song notes remain for use again (as the names of composers and lyricists, and album names, etc. )?

Song notes do remain for the DJ. That way you can rebroadcast a show and not have to redo everything. Just go to your home page to see all your shows. Listeners can’t see them for more than a short while, I believe. But we can.

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Thanks, Rick!

Maybe I asked the wrong question: is there a way for the notes about a song to reappear when at a future point we replay that track (but not necessarily the entire program)? Or is there a different place to store info on recording dates and/or arrangers/soloists, etc?

I apologize for not seeing this reply, and I’m sure it’s a moot question now; but just to make it worse, my answer is that I don’t know. Haven’t tried what you’re asking, but I’d be surprised if the software was capable of that. Again, my apologies… Rick