MetaRadio - sophisticated metadata push

Spinitron’s metadata push feature is basic and lacks features that some (maybe most) stations really need.

MetaRadio is a Windows app you can run at your station that integrates with Spinitron. It provides much more sophisticated control of the displays on your RDS, stream, HD radio, etc. including schedules, multiple metadata sources and timers and whatnot. MetaRadio also simplifies the security and networking configs many stations have to make when working with our basic metadata push.

MetaRadio is made in Oz by Media Realm run by Anthony who’s a real swell guy we expect you’ll enjoy working with. Check out this web page about Spinitron and MetaRadio.

Hi everyone! Anthony from Media Realm here. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions - either here on the forums, or via my website.

There’s a free trial of MetaRadio available so you can give it a go.

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