Has anybody tried scrobbling spinitron data to Last.fm?

Just something I was curious about. I thought it might be fun to make a last.fm account for our station. While I suppose I could technically just have a machine listen to it and scrobble icecast metadata all day with a media player, it looks like Last.fm supports scrobbling via POST requests. I thought I would ask if anybody’s tried, save myself some of the brain cells.

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Hi Hunter, thanks for joining the forum.

I don’t know if anybody has tried. I guess it’s very likely.

In all these years I have never understood what last.fm is for. It’s a bit like Twitter in that regard. I know that people use it but not why.

Anyway, we have APIs for that kind of thing. Perhaps Spinitron’s metadata push can be used. It can make POST HTTP requests. Failing that, or perhaps in combination to profit from the push efficiency, you could use the REST API to get data to post to last.fm.

Thanks Tom! Admittedly for a radio station in particular it seems pretty frivolous and would be somewhat duplicating what we’re already doing with spinitron, but it’s another platform to get us out there. I figure why not.

I was thinking the metadata push feature would be an elegant solution as well. I’ve used your api for our website and I’m fairly comfortable with how it functions, but unfortunately I haven’t found last.fm’s documentation to be as generous – I’ve searched pretty deep and had a hard time finding a nice “hello world” for “scrobbling” a song. I figured first I’d try metadata push to last.fm, if that fails maybe try a middle-man script receiving from the metadata push and sending off to last.fm… or maybe just shrug it all off and do the inelegant solution of running a media player on a machine somewhere that scrobbles our icecast metadata.

This is more of a curiosity than a priority, we were chatting about it in the college radio discord. I figured I’d float it out in case somebody’s already done it.

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Can you show what a POST to last.fm might be like. Maybe I can provide a HELO WORD on that basis.

That’s exactly what I’m trying to find myself :-\

These are the most helpful pages I’ve found

I was going to go ahead and just give a try and see what results, but I hadn’t made the station page yet when I posted this and still need to request API access.

This is working currently for me:



Thank you, Eric. That’s wonderful. And simple, which I like.

Amazing. Thanks, Eric!

Hmm, I get a code 200 when I look at the logs, looks OK but nothing happens. I tried logging into

https://www.last.fm/api/auth?token=(our api key)

but it said invalid API key. I’m guessing there’s another authentication step that I’m missing/bungling.