Can non-music items show in NOW Playing

Greetings, Can a non-music item show up in the NowPlaying feature when activated in playlist and/or added to a future playlist?

I’m excited to get the NowPlaying feature working on our website, but I’ve noticed non-music items do not show in Now Playing. The non-music item will appear in Current Playlist, but have not discovered success with non-music item showing information in NowPlaying.

thanks for any input. More questions coming…


Can anyone answer this question?

As it stands I don’t think the widgets put non-music into now playing displays.

The markup for spins is different from that of non-music so it might be a bit complicated to deal with, including on your end with CSS. Like putting library books in a stack of LPs. It can be done but might not be lovely.

What do you plan to use non-music items for so that they feature widgets as now playing?

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Thanks for the message. Our News Programs are non-music items. We broadcast, Sojourner Truth, Rising Up with Sonali, Democracy Now, Thom Hartmann and KBCS produced, The Grit. Previously we could enter details for segment and it would come up in the Now Playing as text. Similar to how it looks now, but without the music image and listing, which is from previous show.

Also, these details would show up on an RDS or HD Display, when it was working. Still getting that connected up.

Is this maybe a setting change for playlist so it doesn’t track music? What of info in our ENCO DAD and sent through Padapult?? stuff I’m chatting with them about now. An RSS feed coming from shows like Democracy Now, etc?

We have another channel we are starting this year. It will be primarily news programming, non-music items.

Thank you for response. Going to check out some of the info through the forum here. Will check back soon. thanks

When you say “previously”, what technology did you?

‘Previously’ refers to Playlist Center software we are still navigating away from, but in current use until we are set with Spinitron on site. This software can take anything we type in a line item and display it on the Live Playlist. I did not create this software. I do not know how to change the code for this software. I’m not software developer skilled. But moving to Spinitron was exciting for simplifying access for users and auto generating for playlists.
the features in Spinitron are important for today’s needs at our station, and tend to ‘outweigh’ the differences,…not able to show non-music items in now-playing.

now, I don’t now if Padapult with ENCO can offer a solution? or Music Master? We have these 2 software options too, but how to use, I don’ t know.

I’d like to simplify the amount of software we use here, but I keep getting stuck. thanks for your response and attention to the messages.

chat soon G

OK, so given your existing IT infrastructure, there are some decisions to be made on what functions Spinitron should take over and what should remain with your existing systems. I think it’s easier to talk about on the phone or video call.