Widgets cert expired again

Widgets were inaccessible via “widgets.spintron.com”, as you’ve let the certificate expire again.

Sorry about that.

The thing that seems to be missing from the automation is restarting the nginx servers across the cluster after the cert is renewed.

/me the worlds worst sysop

I’ve replaced the “widget.spintron.com” URLs. As long as the alternative “spintron.com” URLs keep working, we’re all set.

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that’s a good idea.

the reason we have widgets. at all is to provide both HTTP and HTTPS service for public URLs. when we introduced the widgets, some stations were not using HTTPS and browsers were throwing security errors with mixed content, so we had to make them work with whatever protocol the station’s server used. if you’re only on HTTPS then there’s no need to use the widgets. vhost.

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