Why are my spins coming up Green?

In the past, when I put a spins on my playlist, prior to the show airing, I can have the first song scheduled to start at say 10pm and each additional song duration confirms the start of the next spin. (according to my setting preferences of course). But, lately, when I try to submit a spin prior to the show airing, it comes up green now and I have to go back and enter in when it aired later? Has anyone else noticed this change? What am I doing wrong?

Hi @Azia. Thanks for joining the forum.

Green is the color of a spin either with a timestamp in the future or with unset timestamp. If in the past you successfully entered playlists in advance containing spins with advance timestamps then they would be green and change to white/grey after they move into the past.

I’d guess the problem you’ve got is either that the spins have unset for timestamp or the playlist has the wrong date.

If the spins have timestamps then please enable this option in your playlist preferences and let us know what you see, perhaps with a screenshot.


If the spins have unset timestamps then please check you’ve chosen this option in your preferences.


Last song time + duration can be useful but it’s dumb

  1. It doesn’t account for breaks between songs, not playing the whole song, DJ mixing, etc.
  2. It doesn’t work if Spinitron doesn’t have the last song’s duration
  3. It doesn’t work if Spinitron doesn’t have the last song’s start time
  4. It only sets the value in the otherwise empty spin entry form after you submit a spin

So you need to check the song start time on each spin as you enter them and make corrections as needed.

You can edit a songs timestamp after putting it in the playlist by clicking on it.

Demo videos

  1. This video explains the preferences I mentioned above
  1. In this video, between 30 and 45 seconds you can see last song time + duration in action
  1. Starting at one minute, this video shows using the Cue button and editing spin timestamp after entry.