What are the small letters for?

What do these small clickable letters do? I did not see it covered in the “Help” videos.

bnkGQe42mr ESQM9L8NQ5

Those correspond to the checkbox inputs in the form

  • R is for Request, a spin that was played in response to a listener request.
  • N is for New, music that, according to station policy, is categorized as new. Variously named “playlist”, “stacks”, “rotation”, …
  • V/A is for Various Artists, denoting a release that is a compilation of multiple artists.

These three fields, like most others, are optional and you can disable them if you don’t need them. And if you don’t need them station-wide but some DJs do then you can set them as “Hideable”, in which case DJs can enable/disable the field in personal preferences.

By default, all fields are enabled for a new station so you have to turn off what you don’t need. And we encourage it. The fewer fields there are in the form, the easier it is for DJs to use.