Weekly alternation by month

I made this picture to demonstrate one of the options for weekly alternation. This is street cleaning signage on an adjacent street to Spinitron HQ in Boston.

It’s a bit confusing but it has an advantage. Let’s say Alice and Bob alternate the Wednesday 8am to noon time-slot. Who will be on the radio this week? In the kind of alternation that Boston street cleaning uses, you need to know the day of the month. You do not need to know who, Alice or Bob, was on last week. And you don’t need to be able to figure out if the week is odd or even in the year.

You can set up this kind of thing in Spinitron.

Tom, thanks for posting this – I actually didn’t realize Spinitron offered that option. Generally our bi-weekly shows all alternate week by week (regardless of day of the month) but we do have one exception. Cheers, Steve/WOWD