Temporarily replacing a regularly scheduled show

I think I know what to do but wanted to check – better safe than sorry.

If we have show taking a summer break (or a Covid break!), if I put an END DATE in its schedule, it doesn’t make the past playlists disappear, right? And doesn’t make the show itself disappear from the roster of shows? And then, when the show resumes (let’s say Sept. 1) would I just go back in and edit that show’s schedule to DELETE that end date (or put in a later end date)? Or do I have go back add recreate a time-slot for that show (e.g., with new starting date of Sept. 1)?


Spinitron has a calendar, not a roster of shows. The end date makes the show disappear from the calendar after its end date.

When a program is going to return from hiatus, add a new schedule to its show using this button


Give it the start date of when the show will return, in addition to the timeslot and repetition details.

No. Don’t do that.