Streaming spinitron content to Sonos or apple CarPlay

I listen to KXCI radio in Tucson AZ. I can stream their broadcast to Apple CarPlay and my Sonos soundbar using TuneIn Radio. I would like to stream the KXCI Spinitron archives from to Apple CarPlay and or Sonos. Does anyone know if this can be accomplished? Thanks


Yes, you can do that. I am assuming that you have a phone with Bluetooth and your car has the same.

In your phone’s search bar, enter “Spinitron KXCI”. It will then show the Spinitron link to KXCI. From there, click on the link labeled “Calendar” in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

You will then see the calendar interface towards the bottom of the screen. It will have different time intervals (day, week, month) to select from. I suggest you pick “month” because it will be easier for you to pick the date and show you want to listen to in the next step.

KXCI only has the last two weeks worth of shows available to listen, so pick your date accordingly. Next, when the month calendar is displayed, pick the date your favorite show falls on. When you click on the date, you will see all the shows available for playback that day. Go ahead and click on your show’s name.

Lastly, when you’ve picked your show, you will see the play button beneath the KXCI logo. If you connected your phone’s Bluetooth to the car correctly, you should now be streaming to your car!

I hope this helps, happy listening.


I expect you will need to keep the phone screen turned on and the browser window in the foreground.

@Bskalak Hi, and thanks for joining the forum.

@Elysian_Fields thanks for answering. I have no idea what apple car play is (but it sounds like good fun for kids) or how a Sonos soundbar works.

Thanks, Tom. Apple CarPlay is the interface used by Chevy and many other car makers to allow streaming from phone to auto. As far as I know it doesn’t allow direct streaming from phone to car. For example in order to stream internet radio, you need to use Tune In Radio an app that bridges between internet radio and the auto. I can listen to the KXCI live stream with no problem but I haven’t figured out how to listen to the KXCI/Spinitron music archives of previous shows. Sonos is similar to Apple CarPlay in that, as far as I can tell, the most reliable way to listen to internet radio is to go thru Tune In Radio. I’ve tried other methods of listening to KXCI on the Sonos, but I have only been able to make Tune In Radio work.

If you have a way that I can directly stream my iPhone to Sonos so that I can play KXCI archives from my i iPhone to my truck.


Thanks again, Tom. I misread your 1st message where you said you didn’t know about Sonos.


Thanks, Dominic. I will try what you have suggested. You mentioned KXCI keeps only 2 weeks of archives. That is all that is visible from the home page, but if you go to a “show page” for a particular page, you will see that there is more than 2 weeks of archives available.


Playlists (i.e. the text describing the music in the radio program) go back as far as people have put them into Spinitron. But the audio recordings only for two weeks.

Did this method work? I cannot get archived kxci music to play/stream through airplay on neither iphone or ipad…the music “plays” but no sound on airplay?

I don’t have a setup using airplay to test with. Does it generally work with audio playing in web pages using a web browser?

Hi, thanks for your interest… Airplay is Apple’s “proprietary wireless communication protocol…that allows streaming between devices of audio, video…” So basically I can play streamed music on my ipad, or from my ipad, using airplay, either through a Comcast streaming (attached by wire to stereo) or Roku. This music could be from files or streaming services, or radio… For some reason KXCI does not even get sound when played (it does play, just no sound) on my ipad, and therefore I cannot stream… Have tried numerous times…but…no luck… Thanks again…