SSL cert expired this morning. Oops

Tom, the world’s worst sysop, here. I allowed Spinitron’s SSL certificate to expire. You may have seen a browser warning this morning. Sorry.

It’s so dumb. We pay Godaddy for an Extended Validation (EV) cert and the renewal process is manual. So they did the validation, issued the cert, and then I forgot to download it to the servers and install it.

EV certs were all the rage 10 years ago because browsers displayed the name of the legal entity that owns the domain for which the cert was issued. Maybe you remember when the address bar in a browser looked like this.

EV cert browser displays (medium)

Well Edward Snowden (bless him) persuaded everyone to deploy HTTPS and a new regime of free basic certs swept the globe. That proved that nobody cares about EV so the browsers got rid of those yummy green displays.

So why didn’t Spinitron get rid of the expensive Godaddy EV cert with its manual renewal in favor of Acme certs that automatically renew? No reason. I said it’s dumb and Tom is the world’s worst sysop.