Squeeze in a one off show, slide everything later?

I have had programmers come to me in the past wanting to get some airtime during the overnight hours. Not a problem as we want live shows rather than random playlists whenever possible. Make a one off show and it will shorten the show it preempts. Perfect. One recently came to me and wanted to take a syndicated show spot. Fine, but I wanted to slide everything down rather than cut anything out, at least until I got to the automated random playlist. What would be the easiest workflow to move three or four shows back by an hour on a one off like that? I couldn’t figure an easy way.

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Hi Arbie,

I don’t think Spinitron provides an easy way to do that. And I expect the easiest way to do it in Spinitron is something you have already thought through.

Sorry :/

In this instance I decided it wasn’t worth it and just cut one hour of a two hour show. The actual easiest way would probably be to not change anything and let the live show log as the preempted show, as regulatory compliance wants to know what was played more than what you called the show (I think).

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That certainly seems a lot simpler.

I think you’re right. Branding your radio programs is entirely your own business.