Spinitron Search FAQ

In which is set fourth the subject of the books of Spinitron Search, the great authentication, acquisition of service using numismatic tokenry, with other matters worthy of the good knight’s courage.

Show me how it works

Why do I need to use a Google or Facebook account to sign in?

For security. Both Google and Facebook do a pretty good job of protecting your identity against villainous hackers. Since we’re dealing with credit card payments we want to ride their coattails. In addition, using Google and Facebook for authentication means you don’t need yet another password to sign in to Spinitron.

May I share my login with a coworker/friend?

No. One subscription is for one individual user. Coworkers and friends should buy their own.

Can my employer buy a corporate license?

Talk to David DeKeyser, david@spinitron.com, 571-215-0994 about a volume license discount.

How do I cancel my subscription?

When signed in, click your user name in the status bar to go to the profile page. Then look for the link to stop the recurring payment. After that you may continue to use the service until the end of your current billing cycle.

How can I search the whole three months of spins?

In Standard Search you have access to three months of spins but each search is constrained to one week out of the three months. It is easy to repeat the same search over more than one week by simply changing the end date of the search interval, which causes the search results to update.

What does the asterisk* mean?

The note at the end of the search results says asterisk denotes “spins in playlists created by radio station automation systems.” When a radio station is operating in “full automation” this means that a computer is running the show, not a DJ. Spinitron notes when a playlist is created by an automation system rather than a DJ. Spins in these playlists are marked with the asterisk.

Not all spins I expected are shown

Free and Standard Search is limited to 200 spins. That’s because they have no pagination and 200 spins is already a lot to scroll through. (Pagination of a larger result set will be a feature of Advanced Search.) The summary tells you if your search’s results were truncated to 200. If so, use more specific search keywords or limit the search to one day at a time.

If truncation at 200 does not explain the missing spins then data entry discrepancies might be to blame. There might be a typo or spelling error. Or data such as album name might be missing from some spins.

I typed “KDHX” and nothing came up

The “station name” field is not searchable in Free or Standard Search. It will be in Advanced Search.

How exactly does the keyword search work in Free and Standard Search?

  1. All keywords must match a spin for it to appear in the results
  2. Only the artist, song, album, and label field are searched
  3. Exact word match is used—there’s no fuzzy matching, stemming, “did you mean” guesswork, or fancy stuff like that
  4. The search is constrained to a date/time interval called “the search interval”
  5. In Free Search, the search interval is the 24 hours up to the moment you run the search
  6. In Standard Search the search interval is either one or seven calendar days ending at 11:59 PM on the date you select, in your time zone
  7. Spins are searched in reverse chronological order starting from the end of the search interval
  8. The search stops at 200 spins
  9. Spin dates and times shown in search results are in your time zone, not in the station’s

Can I use a script/robot to assist my search

No. The Terms of Service permit only human interactive use with a web browser. So you may click, touch, type, swipe, and all the rest with our web-based user interface but you may not write scripts or computer programs that access the search service or use other kinds of automation.

I have a question not answered here

Ask David DeKeyser, david@spinitron.com, 571-215-0994.