Spinitron and Gates Air Flexiva HD Radio HELP!

We’re able to make RDS display just fine but can’t get HD Radio to show metadata. Anybody had success with Gates Air products? We’re using the Flexiva FMXi 4g importer/exporter. What protocol/ format do you use? Thanks in advance.

From Spinitron Metadata push documentation:

Gosh, no, but we are in the market for a Gates Air HD transmitter and I would love to have that functionality.

I was not able to find technical documentation for the FMXi 4g importer/exporter on GateAir web site or via a Google search. We need that in order to determine what it needs and then to configure an output channel for it.

If you have one then you are surely entitled to a user manual. Can get a copy to me, or a copy of the relevant parts?

Hi Tom,

I asked Gates Air and they can’t give me a definitive answer. They suggest to check out Artic Palm Center Stage Live. They use a protocol/format called PSD Gen v4.5 that works with Gates Air. Does that mean anything to you?



'fraid not. And the Arctic Palm doc describes how to configure their software, not what it sends to the device.

But the people at Arctic Palm have been very good at answering questions in the past so it’s worth a try to ask them if they can describe the protocol and data format. I’ll try to do that next week. A lot going on tomorrow and Friday. Remind me if I don’t get back to you.

The more I look at the technical documentation the bigger and more complex it seems. I doubt I’ll be able to figure it out on my own.

Would it be an option to use Arctic Palm CSL? We can probably interface to that while they presumably have mastered the connection to the importers/exporters.

EEK… $995.00.

I think there was a “lite” version available at one time. I’ll check it out more.

Thanks Tom.

Ah-ha… Found it. Download link contained in the guide. Now to investigate.