SoundExchange: CPB


The description below is for 2016 through 2020.


You must be one of

  • CPB-qualified
  • NPR Member
  • NFCB Participant Member


Once, for the period 2016 through 2020


CPB covers all royalty payments but NPR collects data processing fees.

Annual fee:

  • Zero for NPR members
  • $250 for NPR stream hosting clients
  • $275 for NFCB members
  • $500 for everyone else

Quarterly fees:

  • $500 if you submit incorrectly formatted stream logs


Playlist logs

Playlist logs must be in NPR format and include, for each spin

  • The timestamps (to the second) of the start and end of the spin
  • Track title
  • Artist name
  • Album name
  • Record label

Spinitron stations can upload (FTP) their playlist logs directly from Spinitron to NPR. All you need to do is specify your reporting period(s) and click the FTP button (you can also download them for your own records).

Stream logs

Streaming logs must contain every stream connection with IP addresses and connect/disconnect times. Get logs from your webcast server. They must be formatted according to NPR specifications. Incorrectly formatted stream logs incur $500 NPR fee per quarter.

Spinitron has a stream log converter to generate NPR format reports.

Filing reports

Most stations opting in to the CPB-SX agreement file sample reports for two weeks per quarter. (Stations with large audiences are informed by NPR if they need to report more.) Reports are due shortly after the end of the calendar quarter, NPR announces deadlines.

Use NPR Composer to:

  • Upload your playlist logs (or send directly from Spinitron)
  • Upload your streaming log files,
  • Specify your report period dates,
  • Update your program schedule to reflect programming during your report period.

You should check back later in Composer for the status of your report.