Size of images returned by API

Hello! I am integrating the API into a mobile app on behalf of Psyched! Radio SF

I see that images returned by the API for shows, playlists, personas are small, 255 x 255 I think. Is there any support for higher-res images?

API is working great, thank you!

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Would also love to know this! High res images would be fantastic.

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Try changing the last part of the “image” URL (in the returned JSON) to the pixel size you want. Like for 600w:

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It depends on where the images are coming from.

Show and DJ profile images and so on that are saved in Spinitron are limited to 225x225 I think. Images coming from elsewhere, like mzstatic, are not our business and I can’t say about that.

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For us (and what I assume @jamburglar is wanting too), the problem comes from the 225px size ceiling.

Ah, is there an easy way for us to integrate with mzstatic or other? We were considering to host big images for shows elsewhere, and include a link in the show profile somewhere as a workaround. perhaps in show description?

Please let us know if you guys have figured out a good solution!

If you need to host your own images somewhere then mzstatic is not relevant.

There are lots of ways to host and serve images but choosing one for you depends on your application and existing software. For example, if you’re on WordPress then I’d look at WP plugins for managing and linking image assets.