Simple way to change order of songs in a playlist

If I recall correctly, in Spinitron version 1 it was easy to kind of drag an entire playlist entry up or down, so that for example if I’d enter Bob Dylan Blowing in the Wind at 9:45 and Muddy Water’s Hoochie Coochie Man at 9:48, I could quickly reverse the order. Or even move one of those songs to an earlier or later time within my show. With version, is the only way to do that to edit the TIME-STAMP of each song whose time I want to switch?

You can reorder a spin in a playlist by dragging if has no timestamp or if its timestamp is in the future.

Spins with past timestamp are displayed to the public.

Do you need to publish playlists in an order that is not chronological?

No there was no reason we want to publish the playlist in a non chronological order. What we’re dealing with is programmers who post their playlist in advance but then change it up a bit on air and are looking for the most efficient way to make a switch in their playlist when they change things up on the fly during the show.

Of course this is not an issue with the auto recognition system, but even if we adopt that system for most shows, there are going to be some that end up doing it manually. (We’re already seeing that a few of our shows stump ACR for a significant number of their tracks, and there may be other programmers who want to keep doing it manually because when it comes to older tracks, ACR often attributes it to an album or record label that bears no resemblance to the album or record label that the programmer was actually using, which raises a concern about our reports to SoundExchange.)

Anyway the bottom line is yes there are times when a programmer wants to change the order of songs on a playlist on the fly after having entered a different order previously.

In an advance playlist, the spins with timestamps are in the future and the DJ can drag them to change their order. So I think Spinitron meets the bottom line requirement you gave.

If, after a spin’s timestamp has moved into the past, its position in the playlist is not correct then the DJ has to fix the timestamp. Otherwise the published playlist would not be chronological.

Makes sense! Thank you.