Show on schedule in admin console not shown on station calendar

I can see “Democracy Now!” to air today at 1pm on the schedule in my Admin Console, but if I go to the schedule on the station’s web site, it is not there nor does it appear in the Now Playing widget all of a sudden. Not sure what I might have done wrong.



You have DN! scheduled at

  • 1 PM on Saturday and Sunday
  • Midnight Tuesday thru Saturday

I guess we need to increase the spacing between each checkbox’s label and the next checkbox.

That’s right, but not the problem I’m encountering. My schedule is correct, but it is not displaying correctly in one place.

We’ll need more information to be able to recreate and observe the problem.

The behavior of the public calendar around the current date and time is dynamic since that’s the transition between future occurrences of scheduled shows and past playlists. So it’s possible for an effect to be visible for only a short time. If so, that can complicate reintroducing the problem.

Odd OK I will keep an eye out and let you know if it reoccurs.

I did add another DJ to Democracy Now before it disappeared from my public calendar.