Same show, different hosts

We have a couple of shows that are hosted by a different person each day. I tried to change the names both on the daily “new playlist” detail page and the show detail page. I also tried removing it from the show page in case that was overriding the change on the playlist creation. The problem is it changed multiple days to the “person of the day” Is it because I am changing it as an admin rather than a host logged into their own account? Am I overthinking this again?

Hi Arbie. Yes, you are :) But being of similar disposition, i’ll overthink the answer.

If you have one scheduled show that is hosted by multiple DJs and you want

  • a) one public show page that all lists these DJs’ playlists for the show


  • b) to represent, in the calendar, some recurrences of the show as belonging to one DJ, others as belonging to the next DJ, and possibly so on…


bad luck. Our database schema can’t represent that. Sorry.

You can have either

  1. one public show page (with a list of all the DJs’ playlists) and one show in the calendar with whatever recurrences you need and all the DJs are associated with that one show and all its recurrences. In this case the listeners cannot see from the calendar which DJ to expect in each recurrence.


  1. multiple shows, each with its own DJ. This way the calendar represents which DJ is on which recurrence, and you may give all these shows the same name is you want, but there won’t be one public show page on which you can see the history of all these DJs’ playlists for the one show together.

Does that answer your question?

Yes, that is pretty much what I thought. I did note that the show I was working on only changed the names of the hosts in the week I was working on. I was hoping that might indicate a workaround if you programmed daily instances (instead of ticking off monday to friday in the one entry) but from what you said that won’t work. So “Monday name-of-show,” “Tuesday name-of-show”, etc. Oh Joy.


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