Rebroadcast before first broadcast

I have a show that airs on Saturday 9:00 am to Noon and then it is rebroadcast two days later on Monday at 2:00 am.

Can I create the play list on Friday, cue it for Saturday 9:00 am and immediately hit the button for rebroadcast with Monday time or do I have to wait till the Saturday Broadcast is finished before setting up the rebroadcast. My gut instinct is I can set everything on Friday and it should work. Please let me know

The “rebroadcast” feature basically copies a playlist and then copies the spins from the original into it while adjusting their timestamps according to the date and time of the new playlist. Spins in the original that do not have a timestamp when you make the copy are copied as is, i.e. without timestamp.

So you can copy the playlist before either broadcast.

But some DJs that prepare a playlist in advance make edits to it during or after the broadcast. If you work like that then you should make the copy after you’ve completed those edits. No changes you make to the original after you made the copy propagate to the copy.

Thanks Tom for the reply and explanation. I generally do not edit the playlist and so setting at one time will do not harm. All my spins have time stamp

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