Question about SUB host when using ACR

I notice that with ACR enabled, Spinitron automatically opens a playlist under the name of the regularly scheduled DJ.

I know Tom has said best practice is for each DJ to manually open a playlist IN ADVANCE even when using ACR. However, it’d be hard for me to get all programmers to do that.

So here’s my question: If I know we have Joe Smith subbing for Mary Jones on the 8:00 PM show, can I as Admin go into and open the 8 PM show’s playlist, entering Joe Smith’s name? I tried that but it didn’t seem to work. Am I correct that if Joe Smith logs in to Spinitron prior to 8 PM and starts a new playlist for the 8 PM show (but leaving it blank), ACR will enter the spins for the 8 PM show but attribute it to a Joe Smith playlist?


In what way didn’t it work? e.g. you couldn’t create the playlist, it wasn’t owned by the Joe Smith as expected, recognition didn’t use it, …?


Well, I’m not sure what went wrong but I’m gonna try it again tonight. I.e., As Admin, I am going to open a (blank) playlist in advance, entering the name of the guy who’s subbing for the show. Then I’ll see if ACR populates THAT playlist with the tracks he plays tonight in real-time.

Steve Hoffman