Question about song recognition for pre-recorded show

I’ve read the other messages here about setting up automatic song recognition, but I’m not sure how to proceed in our case.

We have a pre-recorded show provided to us in hour-long segments. It’s currently being recorded in Spinitron as one long song with the show’s name as the title. We’d like to turn on song recognition and turn off using the show’s title.

Automation system is Rivendell. Spinitron is set to Live Assist. “Use any scheduled show as template” is disabled. The show is defined to Spinitron. The playlist is created automatically by Spinitron (and consists of just the one hour-long “song”).

Is the needed change for song recognition as simple as disabling now-playing transmission in Rivendell?

Show entry in Spinitron: UnderCurrents Encore Fri Jun 30 on KPTZ 91.9 Port Townsend

[edit[ The show’s DJ is defined in Spinitron as the Automation DJ, with the “Hide DJ” option enabled.