Put Spinitron Ark on your SHOUTcast server's Reserved List

Shoutcast servers automatically disconnect listeners some time (typically 5 hours) after they connect. You can change the time limit. Or you can disable the feature to allow unlimited connection duration. And you can disable the limit for specific listeners that you put on Shoutcast’s Reserved List. If you use our archive and your stream is provided by a Shoutcast server then you should put our archiver on its reserved list.

Two ways to do it

  1. Find our archive server on the client list in your Shoutcast server’s web admin panel and click the Reserve button/link.
  2. Add our IP address to the Reserved List file and then reload the file, which you can do via web or a console command.

Our archive recorder has these identifications

  • Host name: ark3.spinitron.com
  • IP address:
  • User-Agent: Lavf/59.17.100 (this version number will change from time to time)

I checked through the archive streams that say SHOUTcast in the HTTP response headers and then I checked their corresponding archive recordings for signs of regular disconnection due to a server time limit.

  • KBCS icy-notice2: SHOUTcast DNAS/posix(linux x64) v2.5.5.733 disconnects every 5 hours for a variable time up to 20 minutes.
  • KXCI doesn’t identify itself as Shoutcast but disconnects roughly every 3 hours allowing immediate reconnection.
  • WFNU is a Live365 server, disconnects roughly every 6 hours but allows immediate reconnect.
  • WNMC icy-notice2:SHOUTcast DNAS/posix(linux x64) v2.5.5.733 disconnects every day at day around 4:45 AM but allows immediate reconnect.

Thank you for this Tom.