Problem with my playlist times changing and the "now" poping up

I have had an issue for the last 2 weeks at KOPN. I do a Sat night show 8-11 CST and the last 2 weeks in the 9 o’clock hour my times start going stupid. First I notice the “NOW” button pops up next to one song and if I click on it and then try to adjust the incorrect time a couple more “NOW” buttons appear on some other songs and if I try to correct them more pop up, it’s like Whack-a Mole so I stop and just let it mess everything up.

I took a screen shot, notice all the 10 O’clock times that say “Now”, I am still playing songs in the 9 O’clock hour ? I didn’t input those times. I have no idea why this is happening but it seems un-fixable while it’s going on.

This reminds me alot of what happens every year at time change time (daylight savings), in the 9 O’clock my times get screwy and start showing up as another hour for awhile.

Please figure this out or let me know what you suggest.

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Is this an uploaded playlist?

Please enable the date display. Use the cog icon button to find it.

NO it was a live playlist during the show and as I said it happened two weeks in a row in the 9 O’clock hour.

The screenshot was from 8/12/23

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Under the word Timestamp turn off auto. See if this fixes your problem. If auto is on AND you have track lengths in your tracks changing the time should alter all the following tracks. Say your first track is 9:00pm change it to 9:01 or 9:02, all the other times should change accordingly by 1 or 2 minutes. Turn off auto and you can change any start without changing the others.

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Well spotted, Arbie.

Chris, this video demonstrates the use of the Auto-Time feature

I will play around with that but will add that I always have used the auto timestamp and have corrected times without this issue before.