Prevent user from making a playlist under another show

hi! apologies if this is a stupid question, we are new to spinitron! how can i prevent a user from adding a playlist to another dj’s show? right now, any dj can make a playlist under any of the currently existing shows, but we want to limit them to only change the information for their show. thanks!

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Spinitron does not assume that the same person will host a show or that the show will always be at the same time. Everyone must check when they start their playlist that the date and time are correct. Once you open up a playlist you can hit the gear in the top right and turn on show date and time which will make it easier to double check.


DJs are allowed to create playlists that are associated with any show or with no show.

DJs are not allowed to modify or delete playlists they didn’t create. (Admins and editors are but not regular DJ users.)

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