Please add release year to playlists

Our station uses the year a song was released for charting purposes and for other things. Although the release year is included when songs are automatically picked up, I can’t figure out how to include it in an imported playlist (it’s not one of the “field” options), and there’s no way to add it after the fact once the playlist was generated, even if I edit the playlist entry. Can you please add this?

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Under “Release fields” there is an option for “Released” which is the year a song was released.

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The Release Year field can be disabled or enabled in station settings. A user with admin permissions at you station can change that setting.

There is also a date added field that you can use for more fine grained search filtering. The trouble is that for charting the field must be populated for all spins that you cant to count in the charts and accomplishing that can be tricky.