Personas, DJ profiles and users

What are personas?

Some people DJ at more than one station. Others might move from one station to another. And some might have distinct DJ personas at the one station. Spinitron handles all these situations by allowing one user to have multiple personas.

A persona in Spinitron corresponds to a DJ persona at a radio station and has a DJ profile, playlists, scheduled shows and a chat identity. A user corresponds to a person has the identity of its owner (email, name and phone number) and password.


  1. If you DJ at two stations then you can have one login and a persona at each station. You switch between the personas using the menu at top right of each page, which also indicates your currently selected persona.

  2. If you leave one station and, perhaps after some time, join another then you can keep your original Spinitron login. Admins at the station you left should disable that persona but Spinitron keeps it so that the historical record of who owned your playlists etc. is preserved.

  3. If you want more than one distinct DJ personas at one radio station, for example let’s say you host a hardcore punk show under one persona and a chicken scratch program under another, then you can have two personas, each with their own DJ profile, image, shows and playlists.


Two ways:

  1. An admin can create a persona for an existing Spinitron user at their station using the “Add users” form. Enter the user’s email, leave the Real Name field blank, and provide a DJ Name. Spinitron will send the user an email explaining about the new DJ profile.

  2. If the station has self-service signup (which is enabled when the security question and answer are set up) then an existing user can create a new persona at that station using the " Sign-up to use Spinitron" link on the login page. Admins at the station are notified by email.

Once the personas are established, a logged on user can switch between them using the menu at the right-hand side of the top-navigation bar.

NOTE: You cannot delete personas except through a support request to Spinitron.

Tip o’ th’ Spin to Rob at KPCA

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