"persistence" of checkboxes etc

I have noticed that sometimes when I hit submit after manually entering a track, sometimes information like record label and some of the checkboxes will populate even though I didn’t put it in. I assume that info is being pulled from previous plays in our database (as opposed to the other databases you use for the “did you mean?” searches and other lookups)
Are there any tricks to know? If you set the checkboxes in the list after hitting submit is it the same as doing it prior to submit?
If I check “new” on a new CD will it ever “stale out”? We only chart new releases so that would be useful but I realize that that would imply that “new” would have to be a calculated field.

Data can come from previous spins and external sources. Where it comes from depends on the field and on the actual items you select. So we have to look at specific cases to properly explain.

But, in general, Spinitron

  • doesn’t auto-fill New because the meaning of the field is entirely up to the station
  • can get V/A from previous spins or external sources
  • can get Local from previous spins

Does that help?

I think so. I guess I need a definition for auto-fill. Hopefully you mean that pressing new today has no bearing on the checkbox’s status tomorrow. Which means I can count on it as a filter for charting (if I can get programmers to consistently use it when they are supposed to)

Spinitron automatically fills fields in the spin entry form when you select artist/song/release suggestions from the drop downs. We call this feature auto-fill.

The logic for auto-fill is not uniform across the form fields nor are the data sources. For example, Local can only be filled from the station’s prior spins.

The New checkbox is intended for filtering in preparing charts. If DJs are consistent in using it then it will work.

The Date Added field was also intended for chart filtering. It’s supposed to represent the date that the release was added to the station’s library. A release’s add date should be immutable (unlike New) which allows Spinitron to auto-fill it.

It’s up to you if you want to try to use these things and how you incorporate them in station operations.

New requires diligence from DJs when playing new music. Date Added requires diligence the first time someone first enters a song from the release into Spinitron.