Parse PUSHed spin metadata with Node-RED

There is a Node-RED flow posted to available for real-time branding via a Spinitron metdata PUSH channel. Utilizing the track and show timings available from the Spinitron metadata channel, this flow will send updated messages with either PROGRAM / HOST messages or STATION branding after an entered spin is expired.

mattrock/node-red-station-spinitron: Node-RED flow for interepreting a metadata push channel. (

This will fix situations where a spin remains on display after a song or program ends, and no further Spinitron entries are made for a period of time.

Hi @MattRock, thanks for joining the forum.

Gosh! this is exciting. I’ve always thought that services driven by push from Spinitron could be interesting but it hasn’t happened so much because of the custom scripting needed on the receiver end. Your Node-RED interface seems to change that equation. Thanks for sharing!

Another possibility, assuming you have access to our API, is to push the Spin ID and Playlist ID and then get whatever else you need from the API.