Outage last night on

We had an outage starting late last night and ending this morning on the IP address

A few stations use that address in their automation systems to send now playing updates to Spinitron. And we use the same address to send some metadata push messages, specifically when we are sending on raw TCP or UDP sockets.

So this means that for some stations, their connection between automation and Spinitron was down last night. And for other stations things like push to RDS might not have been working.

The cause of this appears to be an error in the billing and renewal software of our server hosting provider. There was an outstanding $0.70 charge for a Floating IP that didn’t appear in our invoices so we had no way to pay for it. When the payment didn’t renew we opened a trouble ticket but it didn’t get resolved in time.

We are sorry for the effect it had on you.

This problem reactivated yesterday evening and IP address is again unavailable.

We are trying to contact the service provider OVH to fix this ASAP. Their billing software is at fault.

Stations experiencing issues with push or automation should contact me and we’ll help you get running again on a different IP. It’s all about updating the config of your automation software or (for push) port forwarding. is working again now. We continue to struggle with the service provider to properly resolve this.