Notifications in Spinitron

We have a new feature in Spinitron that allows us to send you notifications in the app. They appear on every page until you dismiss them with the × button.

The app makes a note of when you dismiss a notification. So for some important information we think you need to be aware of, we’ll take that as an indication that you got it. Ok?

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Can we use this to send notifications to our station staff?

No. It’s currently only for Spinitron staff to communicate with users.

Is there a way to hide this from ALL of our staff? It is causing a lot of confusion and they think something is wrong. In my opinion, a notification like this should be sent only to admins, and not to on-air DJs who have no control over the Spinitron system.

Specifically what notifications are causing confusion to specifically which users?

The one about the IP address

That was displayed only to admins. Can you say why it caused so much confusion? Was the wording of the message unclear? Something else?

Welp, only the admins complained about it, so that would make sense. In that case, I’d leave it alone then. In the case of our station, I have a few people who need to be add/delete user accounts but who don’t otherwise “administer” Spinitron. So they saw the warning and didn’t know what it meant.