Noob question about station identification for ark player

I’m an experienced web developer and comfortable with Javascript.

I’m integrating the ark player. It says that there is some data I’m supposed to add that identifies the station but I can’t find a reference to what the format is. I can log in and see that I’ve got an API key, is that it? If so what’s the format of the code that I’m supposed to add?

Happy to read the manual if I can be pointed in the right direction.


John / WXNA

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I assume you’re working with the spinitron/ark-player in Github.

If you’re looking for the Initialization JavaScript in section 4 of the instructions then please refer to the example starting line 427 of the example itself.

This should be sufficient

  • set hlsBaseUrl to ''
  • set statonName to 'WXNA'
  • and set timeZone to 'America/Chicago'.

So for example this code snippet could work for you

window.ark2Player(document.getElementById('ark-player'), {
    hlsBaseUrl: '',
    stationName: 'WXNA',
    timeZone: 'America/Chicago',

Does this answer your question?

And it’s similar for other stations. Adjust the statonName and timeZone. For now we are using only this hlsBaseUrl.

The Spinitron API is not involved.

Thank you! I looked but did not see :slight_smile: