MusicBrainz lookup

Feature request: We radio DJs often want to tell listeners some quick song or artist info (e.g., where’s band from or, if a cover, who did the original). We can leave Spinitron to fire up a Google or Wikipedia search. But it’d be valuable and crazy cool to have that info right inside Spinitron.

Since Spinitron already provides the IRSC#, a MusicBrainz API lookup would be easy. For example, here’s a recording of “When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zep:

From that, we pull the Work ID:

That returns the song’s Genius (lyrics), SecondHandSongs (covers), SongFacts, and Wikipedia entries:

Which Spinitron could display as links, from which DJs could harvest juicy tidbits like:

  • Original: Kansas Joe and Memphis Minnie (1929)
  • Based on The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927
  • The opening two-bar drum break is one of the most widely sampled pieces of music ever, in songs by Eminem, Dr. Dre to New Age artist Mike Oldfield, and a Micheal Stipe/Neenah cherry tune.
  • John Bonham’s drums were recorded in a stairwell at Headley Grange with the microphones planted three stories up.

Band info is also a quick query away, which returns MB’s Artist ID, from which we get artist links to AllMusic, BBC, Discogs,, WhoSampled, their social media, and other music services:“Led%20Zeppelin”&fmt=json

Lots of work, Tom, I know. And you’ve got plenty of other more-pressing projects. But if you ever consider this, I’d be glad to help: doing MusicBrainz API research or kicking out the basic code, which you could then improve.