Metadata push settings for Cirrus Streaming

Stations using Cirrus Streaming can set up a metadata push channel in Spinitron to send now-playing updates to the Cirrus Console.

Below is an example template in which you need to customize:

  • The IP address or host name of your Cirrus Console. In the template below is just an example address. You must change it to the address or host name that Spinitron should use to send to your Cirrus Console.

  • Port number. You might not need to change this. 5959 appears to be a common value, perhaps the default in Cirrus Console.

  • Remove attributes you donโ€™t need. If the purpose of pushing metadata to Cirrus Console is to meet the display requirement on US webcasters then you only need artist, album and title. Your requirements may differ.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
   <attribute name="artist"><![CDATA[%an%]]></attribute>
   <attribute name="album"><![CDATA[%dn%]]></attribute>
   <attribute name="title"><![CDATA[%sn%]]></attribute>
   <attribute name="duration"><![CDATA[%sd%]]></attribute>
   <attribute name="category"><![CDATA[%dl%]]></attribute>
   <attribute name="label"><![CDATA[%ln%]]></attribute>

Ultimately your channel config might look something like the screenshot below. Channel name is your choice. Username and password arenโ€™t used. You can adjust default and max durations to your needs.

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