Making a future playlist public


I hope this is a basic easy to answer question. :slight_smile:

I always program my shows a week or two in advance. I also enter them into Spinitron early as well.

Is it possible to make these playlists viewable by the general public?

Thanks for your help!

  • Dominic

Hi @Elysian_Fields thanks for joining the forum.

If you check the checkbox shown below then the playlist is displayed to the pub,ic in advance and appears on you stations public calendar.

Because of a condition of webcast licensing, doesn’t display the spins in the playlist until their respective start times come around. If you want to tell your audience about the music then you can maybe say something about it in the episode description but to keep it legit, don’t “pre-announce” the music you’re going to play.

Thanks Tom! If I have already set up the playlist is this still possible or is the checkbox only available when you initialize a new playlist?

Thanks for the tip about pre announcement. I intend to use this mostly for artists to see what will be played on the show.

Yes. Edit the playlist, check the checkbox on the form and submit the form.