Logon to the forum via Spinitron?

Naturally we would prefer if Spinitron users could access the forum using their Spinitron login.

There are two ways to do it

  • Single Sign On (SSO) in which you have to log in to Spinitron to use the forum but only users with a Spinitron account can use the forum.

    This is pretty easy to set up and we could have it working fairly quickly. I don’t like this because a lot of providers of tech support that we need to talk to (e.g. web developers, broadcast engineers, automaton software vendors) won’t have Spinitron logins.

  • Access the forum using Spinitron as an external application for login. This is like logging in using a Google or Facebook account.

    This is a fair amount of work (software development, integration and service deployment) that I don’t want to do because we have so much other important work to do.

So for now we don’t have a good option. We can either exclude people without a Spinitron login or divert engineering effort to making Spinitron a 3rd party auth provider.

I’d prefer to keep them separated, as not all of our station staff need forum login credentials.
This forum seems more geared to admins and developers, not necessarily end users.

Well, at least now I understand why I had to create a different account to use the forum. Thanks for the clarification. You’ll be hearing from me!