Logging snippets of songs

I put together a montage of songs (17), each snippet running between 6 and 20 seconds. Spinitron automatic song recognition was able to get some of them and logged them with the a time stamp and what the duration would have been had the entire song played. My log is now off. Can I go in and give the montage a name, and just log the time duration for the entire montage (2:30), and then list those songs played in the “song” column? Thanks

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Hi @alafw,

That sounds like fun. You’re demonstrating one of the practical limits of the technology by playing such short songs. It should work with 20 second spins but iiuc it will be unreliable with shorter spins and very unreliable at anything under 10 seconds.

You can edit the playlist the same as if you had entered the spins manually. Open the playlist for editing and click on any of the fields in the table that have a dotted underline to pop open an editor. That includes the timestamp and duration. Quick example in the video below at about 2:00.

Does your station require duration? Some stations are set up to use that field but allow you to leave it empty. Others require a value for all spins while some don’t use it at all. (It’s not much use but it’s required in NPR’s SoundExchange report format.)

Tom; Our version of Spinitron does not have the “add non music items” option. I assume that staff decided that the option was not necessary. Without this option I will have to make something up that Spinitron will accept in order to get my log close to what it should be in order to account for the duration of the song samples. I have used bits of interviews in the past, but most don’t run more than a minute. Thanks for you response.

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Hi Alan, it may be that nobody with admin permissions in Spinitron at your station understands how the feature might be useful to you and other DJs, or how to set it up (as the designer of this system I admit it is confusing), or that it even exists. You reminded me of this exciting old improv duet: Nichols ‘n’ Nu - Don’t Assume (Leo, 1994).

I discourage using the spin entry form, which is designed for music, for other things. It doesn’t work well for that and causes some (not much but some) issues downstream with systems that assume that spins represent recorded or performed musical works.

A few different directions one might take this appear to me:

  • enter each song in the montage into Spinitron as a spin (laborious but the true muso-nerd’s way and supports more accurate royalty distribution)
  • declare your montage to be new musical work, complete with a title and artist name of your choice, and enter that as a spin (the DJ-as-creative-artist’s way)
  • get an admin to set up the non-music feature and use that to describe what you did (the story-teller’s way)
  • don’t feel you need to account for all the time in your radio programming in playlists (the lazy/mystery-maker’s way)

But it’s up to you and your station. We’re standing by to support (for example with setting up non-music entry) whatever you want.

Thanks for the suggestions, Tom