Lag in the "Now Playing" Widget

Hi, Show changed at 3pm, it’s now 12 minutes later and still showing now playing song from 2:59. Does this sometimes happen when switching from one show to another or am I doing something wrong. (Still learning the ropes!)

PS: The more I learn the more appreciation I have for Spinitron. Thx so much for doing what you do!!

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Hi betho, thanks for your kind words.

The now playing widget shows the most recent spin(s) that are in your database in Spinitron. So if something is playing on the radio that doesn’t show up in the widget, that means we haven’t received it yet. There are various reasons why that might be depending how the spin should have gotten into the DB. At the moment in question, were you using recognition, manual entry, uploads, or automation?

Hi Tom, We were on automation at the time of the event and using recognition.

Ok, good. Now, look at the automation log in Spinitron

and locate the date/times of

  1. when you noticed now playing widget was displaying a stale song.
  2. the recognition event of the stale song

Is anything logged between those two times? e.g. are there any “not recognized” events between 1 and 2?

Hey To, Here’s what appears in the log:

2022-08-02 15:02:20 Not recognized {“data”:{“stream_url”:“”…
2022-08-02 14:59:21 OK {“id”:329535788,“playlist_id”:16258386,“start”:"2022-08-02T…
2022-08-02 14:59:11 Not recognized {“data”:{“stream_url”:“”…

Excellent. Now, do you know what was played at 2022-08-02 14:59:11 UTC? And do you have access to the actual physical or digital medium that was played (e.g. CD, audio file)?