Is there a way to reassign a playlist to a now-retired show?

As admin, I created a new show to replace the show I then retired. However the old DJ did the retired show one more time, unbeknownst to me.
Now his playlist appears under the new show. Is there a way to copy/paste it to the retired show?

Hi @straycat, thanks for joining the forum.

There’s a feature for that, as it 'appens.

Log in and find the new show page. It should list that show’s playlists including the one you want to reassign. The page will be like the one below with a URL like /m/show/view/12345 (but with different numbers).

If the show already has more than one playlist, use the Filters (e.g. date and or DJ name filters) so that only the show you want to reassign is listed.

Then use the action link Reassign these playlists to another show and follow the instructions.

Let us know how you get on.