Is there a way to get custom fields on shows?

Our station uses a unique promo code (a string) for all of our shows. Can we add this as a field to the spinitron show object? I know how to do custom fields on playlists, but how do we do it for shows?

If there is no implementation, do you have a recommendation on how to proceed? I guess we could put the data in the show description and extract it with the API but that feels uncomfortably hacky to me.

Hi Cassidy,

No, we don’t have a way to store custom fields on shows in Spinitron.

I could maybe suggest something if I understood your requirements. For example, do you need Spinitron to provide a CMS UI for these data fields so that station staff can manage their values through the Spinitron app? If not, a local DB might be feasible, given that you’re using the API. Show unique IDs in Spinitron are stable so you can use those to index an array or table.

Using show description gives you the CMS UI but the data you store there will be visible in web displays of show description if you don’t hide that field altogether.

Hi Tom, thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Ideally, yeah it would be amazing to keep all of this data in Spinitron still. In my ideal world I would be envisioning something like the custom labels/inputs on playlists, where we could add a string/text input field to a show and input data into that via Spinitron’s CMS. It would then be accessible through the API.

We migrated to Spinitron to replace our local DB. It’s certainly feasible to use Spinitron ID’s as indices and maybe even use something as small as, say, a local dictionary file if it’s just these promo codes we need to keep track of. But ideally we could get all of our data in one place.

I guess at this point this ask is teetering on a feature request. But to be clear, our station loves spinitron, we think it’s great, and it’s not a big deal if something like this is missing.

If we store show promo codes in the description field – I think that’s fine. We use the spinitron API to render show descriptions on our own website anyways, so if I already need to extract promo codes from that field, I could also write code to remove the promo codes when we display the show description on our website. It’s not sensitive information and I don’t really care if it’s visible through spinitron’s website as long as it’s hidden on our more public-facing end.


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