IP addresses in automation logs?

I’m trying to fix a persistent problem we have with a secondary audio computer we have that turns itself on and starts posting songs to the current playlist. It would be helpful if I could see the IP addresses of the computers posting data in the logs, rather than just the data posted itself.

Would that be easy to add to the logs?

I’m not sure. I can take a look. But it might be easier to use the server logs. If you have a couple of addresses I can try to search.

What automation software do you use?

I figured out how to solve my immediate problem some other way. Just yesterday having those addresses in the logs would have made it easier.

So no hurry, just something I thought might be generally useful if easily done.

We use SAM. Not sure if there’s a way to have SAM post the IP. I can have a look at the PAL scripting docs I have somewhere . . .

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You might be able to put something unique in each computer’s messages to Spinitron that should allow you to identify. Maybe the genre string, if you’re not using that field in Spinitron.