How to attach playlists with a show created after the playlist?

Blank future public playlists were created but I would now like to “attach” them to a regularly scheduled show. Is there a way to do this?

The show was created after the playlists were.

I don’t believe there is a feature specifically to do that. There is a feature to move playlists from one show to another but I don’t think there’s anything to do that for shows that are unattached (i.e. created using For an unscheduled program use a blank playlist).

You can move the spins from one playlist to another fairly easily using export and import. It’s not as laborious as it perhaps sounds.

  • Playlist: Browse, find one of the blank future playlists and click its eye icon.
  • Click Export/email.
  • In the export form
    • Select Format: TSV and Delivery: Copy-paste.
    • Uncheck Export playlist metadata.
    • In Fields to include check Date-time and uncheck Date and Time.
    • Check all the other fields you need.
    • Click the green Display button
  • Click the green Copy to clipboard button.
  • Playlist: New and create a new playlist using the correct show.
  • In the playlist worksheet, click Import.
  • Paste into the textarea and click the green Process button.
  • Assign import fields to the table columns and check the header row so it’s not imported.
  • Click the green Import button.
  • At some point when you’re satisfied with your work, delete the unattached playlist.

Ok, that looks like a lot of steps but all your selections in the export form and the field-to-column assignments are saved in your preferences and you can simply reuse them for the next playlist. So it’s really quite quick and easy once you’ve done the first one.