How to attach playlists with a show created after the playlist?

Blank future public playlists were created but I would now like to “attach” them to a regularly scheduled show. Is there a way to do this?

The show was created after the playlists were.

I don’t believe there is a feature specifically to do that. There is a feature to move playlists from one show to another but I don’t think there’s anything to do that for playlists that are unattached (i.e. created using For an unscheduled program use a blank playlist).

You can move the spins from one playlist to another fairly easily using export and import. It’s not as laborious as it perhaps sounds.

  • Playlist: Browse, find one of the blank future playlists and click its eye icon.
  • Click Export/email.
  • In the export form
    • Select Format: TSV and Delivery: Copy-paste.
    • Uncheck Export playlist metadata.
    • In Fields to include check Date-time and uncheck Date and Time.
    • Check all the other fields you need.
    • Click the green Display button
  • Click the green Copy to clipboard button.
  • Playlist: New and create a new playlist using the correct show.
  • In the playlist worksheet, click Import.
  • Paste into the textarea and click the green Process button.
  • Assign import fields to the table columns and check the header row so it’s not imported.
  • Click the green Import button.
  • At some point when you’re satisfied with your work, delete the unattached playlist.

Ok, that looks like a lot of steps but all your selections in the export form and the field-to-column assignments are saved in your preferences and you can simply reuse them for the next playlist. So it’s really quite quick and easy once you’ve done the first one.

From experience: the date-time is most important or the list will import in reverse order and you don’t want to have to deal with that.

It’s easy to change a playlist’s date in case you get it wrong at first.

Yeah, my issue was the programmer must have accidently hit “now” on the first one and then plowed ahead, entering an hours worth in about 15 minutes, mostly just artist-song, only a couple of durations. I (maybe wrongly) decided the easiest way to deal with it, would be to export the playlist, delete the show and start again. But without any time reference the list imported in reverse, so I had to open it in a spreadsheet, number the entries, and import it again. There is probably a better way but this worked.