How does Spinitron learn about new music?

I am wondering if you can provide some insight in to how Spinitron collects music data for the auto-complete feature?

For example, I played an independent released album that came out maybe a week ago and Spinitron popped a suggestion “did you mean” with the correct artist, album, label and even the correct album art! I was pretty surprised by that.

Spinitron is awesome!

If the user doesn’t choose an autocomplete suggestion in the form with either ISRC or UPC then Spinitron runs a search using the Apple Music API. That’s why it can take a few seconds.

Thanks for your enthusiasm. Believe it or not, some users despise this feature and communicate that sentiment very clearly.

I have had mixed results with this. On the one hand, for our Ukrainian show it is brilliant, most songs come up in the auto-complete, often with cyrillic spellings. The WORST is classical, there seems to be no standard as to whether the CD is listed under the soloist, the conductor, the orchestra, or the composer. And then the popup correction page usually has a crap ton of choices, usually the same piece, same players, in different compilations. Watching the other hosts, I have noted that some really don’t like working from the drop down lists, even if it is right there in front of them they will type the whole thing in.

Hi Arbie, thanks for joining the forum.

We have a major update coming to the indexing and suggestions in the drop-down autocomplete. The UI won’t change but the suggestions should get better.

The situation is classical music is bad because the commercial databases we use for reference have popular music metadata schemas, and you can’t fit classical into artist, album, song. It’s the same reason it’s hard to search and browse classical music in any of the streaming services. I’m not hopeful for this in the near term. Apologies to DJs spinning classical. Do your best and cancel the Did you mean? search if it’s no use.