How do you log two tracks at the same time?

Hi all, I have DJs that mix their vinyl. They asked me how to log two songs at once. I thought it would be as simple as logging the songs for the same start time/duration, however when I submit a report to the sound exchange, it gives me an error message if any tracks are overlapping… Should the DJ only log one of the two songs?

Hi @Azia

I think the DJs are doing it right. The problem is the software that is giving you an error message for a report that accurately described what you did.

Is the error is coming from NPR Composer?

Thanks Tom! yes we do report through NPR digital services. I guess I will have to take it up with them! I do have another irrelevant question while I have you here: Where can a DJ go to update their program’s playlist template? the only way I can find is by going to schedule, selecting your program, then edit.

I image there is a less round about way to do so

Thank you for all your help!

Shows in the program schedule are the playlist templates so that’s just how you access them. It’s really just one click/touch to get the schedule, another to select a show, and one more to open the form.