How do you format the timestamp when importing a playlist?

For my last show - which I prerecord - I tried to import a playlist from a spreadsheet. It worked pretty well - it imported almost everything correctly like the song titles, artists, albums, durations, years, etc. However the one field that didn’t work was the one where I had the time where each song started. I then had to go in and manually adjust each song’s start time.

So what is the correct format for including this information? If I have a show that runs from 6 to 8 PM and I have a song that starts at 6:42 PM, do I enter 6:42, 18:42, 6:42 PM or 6:42PM?

After a little bit of experimenting, 6:42 PM will work in the example above. If you have an AM show, you can leave off the AM and it’ll add that automatically after you import your playlist. At least it did for me.