How Do I Edit A Previous Playlist

Yesterday, I did my first show using Spinitron. However, there were four songs it didn’t recognize and one that listed the wrong artist. How can I update my playlist so I can add in the four missing songs as well as correct one of the entries?

No matter how many times I try watching the videos, nothing works for me. Jeff Hofman KSER 90.7 FM Everett WA

You can edit any playlist (future, on-air, or past) just by opening it. An admin or editor user can open any playlist. Everyone else can open only a playlist they own.

Go to Playlist: Browse in the menu, find the playlist to edit, and click the pencil button.

This is demonstrated 9 Ways video (3 min).

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Thank you Eva, I think I’ve figured out the issues I was having. I was able to create some playlists for future shows and there it let’s me make editions and updates so I’m good.


Thanks. I also have the same issue. I tried your way here and it seems to work.

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