How do I delete my mistakenly created duplicate playlist for today's episode?

Today’s episode’s playlist had already begun, automatically. Failing to notice this, I started a fresh playlist for today’s episode. Then I saw what I had done, and of course wanted to undo it. My humble exploration of options does not seem to yield any way to do this.

(I am deliberately using the words “today’s episode” in this post because the word “playlist” by itself seems to mean the design for all episodes of a regular daily or weekly show.)

Log in to Spinitron.

In the top navigation, go to Playlist and choose Browse and find the playlist you want to delete. You may need to page or search the table of playlists.

Click the delete button in the row of the playlist you want to delete. The button looks like a small blue trash can. It is second from the right in the playlist’s row in the table.

Perfect! Thank you, Tom.